Claas Financial Services

Who we are

CLAAS Financial Services is the finance division of CLAAS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Our mission is to further your business success by making access to CLAAS equipment easy and affordable.

Since 1999 we’ve been offering bespoke finance to agricultural customers in 11 countries around the world.

In the UK and ROI. CLAAS Financial Services has already helped over 10,000 customers become owners of market-leading CLAAS equipment.

we are at AgriScot 2023

We’re excited to announce CLAAS Finance are a main sponsor at AgriScot 2023. AgriScot is a leading agricultural business event, situated at the Royal Highland centre, Edinburgh.

We will be situated on the James Gordon stand, which will be displaying the latest market leading equipment from CLAAS.

We proud to support our dealers and our customers across Scotland, highlighting the importance of the Scottish market for both CLAAS Finance and CLAAS UK.

Our Finance Products

We enable you to get the latest CLAAS equipment whilst keeping essential capital in your business through deploying our tailored financial products that suits your exact needs. It is the most cost-effective way to invest in CLAAS equipment.

On top of this, we are the only provider to offer 0% interest on CLAAS products. So, whatever equipment your business needs, there are options which can be customised to your requirements.

Hire Purchase
Finance Lease
Fixed Term Rental

Our Hire Purchase product allows a customer to pay for the asset over a period of time and take ownership of the asset at the end. Benefits of a Hire Purchase include full ownership of asset at the end of the agreement, flexible payment profiles structured to your need. Fixed payments for regular budgeting can spread large costs over an agreed period for beneficial business cash flow. The cost of the equipment can be tax allowable through Annual Investment Allowance or Writing Down Allowance.

A Finance Lease gives access to equipment in return for regular rental payments that can be offset against taxable profits. Ideally suited to customers not looking to own the equipment at the end of the agreement term. Initial cost is low due to all payments being spread across the agreed term giving you more accurate budgeting and tax efficiencies. 

Our Fixed Term Rental Agreement product allows a customer access to equipment in return for regular rental payments. Effectively, CLAAS Financial Services buy the asset and rent it to you for an agreed period of time. Ideal for customers who don’t wish to own the asset and just wish to access the equipment without the expense or commitment of outright purchase.

Our Loan product allows a customer to borrow funds over an agreed period of time for farming or core business assets. As the loan is unsecured, it is easier than requesting a bank loan. If there is an underlying financed asset, the customer has title to the asset from the outset from a legal and tax perspective. Ideal for customers looking to own assets in full from the outset. Provides a fixed and known payment profile which helps with budgeting and spreading costs. 

funding assets for your business

Our CLAAS Finance customers are able to Finance all new and used CLAAS machinery*. We can also fund new and used non-CLAAS agriculture equipment and vehicles*. As a specialist finance provider for the agriculture sector, we can look at competitive payment patterns to match your cash flow whether they are monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annual, or seasonal


Why Choose Us

Finance through CLAAS Financial Services is the most cost-effective way to invest in CLAAS equipment. With our direct link to CLAAS we can offer financial security to your business as well as competitive prices and attractive promotions.

The sales office can be contacted at 
or 0345 2666 360.

If you would like a settlement or have a general enquiry regarding your current finance agreement, please call customer services on 0345 603 6437 or email